Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Petting Zoo and Pumpkin Patch

In October we took a field trip to a local petting zoo and pumpkin patch with some other Mommy friends.This is the same one we went to last year, so we were a little sad that we couldn't spend it with Daddy but we still had a lot of fun. Unlike last year, it was actually a lot cooler this year. It felt more like fall than last year, when we were sweating as we picked out a pumpkin! Reagan also picked out the perfect pumpkin so I would call the trip a success!
Feeding the calf!
And the goat!
Being very careful with the food so she wouldn't drop it on the ground!
Trying to see the bunny!
My cutie pie!
Mommy and Reagan on the hayride to the pumpkin patch!
Sitting on the pumpkin she picked out!
Back on the hayride with her pumpkin!
Reagan and some of her friends!
Checking out the tractor!

We had lots of fun with our friends and came home with a pretty pumpkin!

Disney on Ice

Reagan recently discovered a love for Mickey and Minnie Mouse so when Disney on Ice came to Chattanooga, we knew we had to take Reagan. Luckily, I had already bought her a Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween, so this gave us another opportunity to wear it.
We were trying to get her picture by the sign, but she was more interested in pointing out Mickey Mouse to us!
Reagan and Mommy!
We even found a friend there! Elijah and Reagan!
Reagan's favorite pastime...eating popcorn while watching the show!
Some of her favorite characters!
This was fun to watch!
The Seven Dwarfs!
Reagan was not interested in taking her eyes off the show to take a picture with Daddy!

We had lots of fun at the show and everyone enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next time they are in town!

Family Photos

Back in mid October, we got some family pictures taken. Reagan was being pretty cooperative so we got some cute pictures of her. The pictures with John and I in them didn't turn out too bad either!
Picking up the big girl!
Reagan and Daddy!
Mommy and Reagan!
What a little cutie!
Big Smile!
Looking up to Daddy!
Love this little girl so much!
Our Family!
Getting hugs is the best!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fall Fun with Cousins and Grandparents

Back in October, Papaw and Grandma came down for a weekend visit. They brought Kyle and Elaina with them. Reagan is always excited for visitors, especially her cousins who she has so much fun playing with. We filled up the weekend pretty fast, including a visit to the Ronald McDonald Fall Festival down in Chattanooga.
Elaina trying to catch money!
Kyle trying to knock the milk jugs over!
Reagan trying on her free hat they were giving away!
Kyle and Elaina fishing! Don't worry, Reagan got a turn too!
Playing Plinko with a little help from Daddy!
Practicing her golf skills!
Horse Ride!
Elaina's turn on the horse!
Making a sand creation!
Reagan was not impressed about getting a picture with Ronald McDonald!
Feeding the Alpaca!
Yummy ice cream cone!
Showing off the new pj's Grandma bought!
Giving Grandma some cuddles!
We had lots of fun in the bounce house!
What a face!
Kyle and Grandma!
Reagan and Elaina having fun together!

It was a fun, crazy, loud weekend but we enjoyed our time together and look forward to the next time we can get together!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Denver..and Reagan's First Airplane Ride

In September we made a trip out to Denver for a sweet friends wedding. Reagan was super excited about riding on a airplane and for the most part she did well on the plane. We only had a few screaming meltdowns by Reagan and I only wanted to have a few screaming meltdowns! We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the next trip out there. We are hoping to make our next trip a little longer and spend a little more time with people we don't get to see often enough!
 Looking for airplanes!
 So excited to be going on an airplane!
 In her own seat!
 Reagan and Mommy!

While in Denver, we tried to make the most of our time. We found a really neat Children's Museum to check out one day!
 Reading in the rocking chair!
 In a cage...right where a monkey belongs!
 Cooking in the cool tree house kitchen!
 Trying out the fireman pole with Daddy!
 Fireman Reagan!
 Watch out, Reagan is driving!
 Putting her hat on the fire dog!
 Construction time!
 Time to grocery shop!
 Mommy and Reagan!
 Playing with bubbles!
 Hanging out in the nest!
 Painting a pretty picture!
 Playing on the magnetic board!
 Reagan found the playground outside the museum!
 I think the tire swing might be a little unbalanced!
 Another slide!

On another morning, we also found an indoor play area called Little Monkey Business which was a lot of fun for Reagan!
 Our little cutie!
 This little slide was pretty fast!
 Having fun!
 Climbing to the top!
 Hi Pretty Girl!
 I spy!

Eventually we made it to the wedding which was the main reason for the trip. Reagan and Daddy ended up outside the church on the playground during the wedding because a 2 year old just doesn't understand being quiet!
 Our family!
 Reagan found a friend to play with!
 Some of my best friends from high school!
 The beautiful bride and us!
 Reagan and Etta!
So blessed to have these girls in my life!

We enjoyed our trip to Colorado. We can't wait to go back and hopefully stay even longer!